Re-Telling Your Story

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I’ve been told that writers write so that they can find out what they know.

Writers reach deeply into themselves to resolve a plot, develop a character and provide appropriate dialogue.  There is a process of creative energy that pulls from parts of the brain the writer’s knowledge, both experienced and researched – or as we might say, from all of the primary and secondary sources and anything anecdotal that is pertinent. This enables the plot to develop and flow, or the story to unfold, or the article to have a discernable beginning middle and end and be readable and verifiable.

I suppose the parallel can be made to what happens in a coaching relationship.  We work with a coach to find out what we know, how to resolve our issues through knowing ourselves. Through focus on the person and through powerful and intuitive questioning and guided discourse, the coach and coaches co-create the path to a knowledgeable outcome --the ideal story or best ending.

As human beings, we are immensely complex and diverse beings.  We are our own encyclopedias, full of bits and pieces of everything we have ever done, said, heard or experienced.  How can we not, within that vast store, not have the answers to our questions as to the optimum path to follow? The trick is to find our way through, to shine a light on what is or is not important, what works or doesn’t.

When we find out what we know, we will know how to write or re-write the story.

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