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Are you struggling with uncertainty in making a big decision or trying to pull an effective team together?  Are you becoming a leader in a situation where you previously were a peer? Difficult situations can affect work performance and job satisfaction.

What I love about being a coach is working with people to find resolution, whether the issue is helping leaders develop skills and strengths as they advance in the organization or  helping to transition leaders into new roles.

Sandra Altner

Challenges and obstacles are just boulders that we can work to move away, work around or go over.  Coaches are trained to move boulders.  My goal is to help you clear a path to clarity and new perspective and to be your ally in making positive changes.  My approach to coaching is rooted in years of leadership and business experience in a variety of challenging roles.

"You really do have insightful words of wisdom…thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and raising the bar, all with such a high level of class."

HS – Manager

"You have touched and changed the lives of so many people. The commitment to share your experience and wisdom to help others is commendable and I know that you will guide many more people to be the best they can be."

CV - Advisor

Good coaching is powerful.

Effective coaching is based on solid science that shows us how our beliefs and attitudes directly affect our actions and behaviours. I work to enable clients achieve a deeper understanding of what motivates them and their team members, and what obstacles are in their path to better performance. Through coaching support, we move toward meaningful change that leads to higher performing teams, greater job satisfaction and improved organizational outcomes.

Effective coaching is based on identifying and resolving issues through active listening and targeted questioning. Desired results include positive solutions , clarity of thought, increased focus, personal and team relationships, and a positive impact on your work environment.

It is my job to support you in your search for your development as a leader.. Coaching requires the acceptance of and belief in the client’s ability to create positive change. What you can expect from me to bring to the table is direct conversation that leads to discovery and accountable action. I am passionately supportive of your efforts and delighted to be the catalyst that helps you to move forward.

What you can expect

Let's do some great work together.

The International Coach Federation cites studies that show that 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, better relationships and more effective communications skills.  Of the companies that chose to invest in coaching, 86% reported they had recouped their investment.

Check out my calendar to find a half hour slot for a virtual meeting to determine whether we should move forward to design a coaching package that meets your needs.

Sandra Altner

My story

I was drawn to the coaching profession through personal experience in a situation where I had to make a major decision concerning a troubling problem in my business.  I was fortunate at the time to be working with an extraordinary coach (who later became a friend and a mentor).  He was able to work with me to discover my own capacity to challenge and change my circumstances by identifying  personal obstacles, helping me to reflect sufficiently to create new insights, and providing guidance in taking appropriate action. While it sounds simple in the telling, this journey to discover the interface between myself and my work, between me and the people I worked with, between the desired outcome and the actual path, was illuminating and life changing.

My coaching practice evolved after years of working to help people succeed.  I’ve been a business owner, a management consultant, a leader, a coach, a facilitator and a writer.  I’ve lived a lifetime of getting tough things done and I’ve learned that the best way to do that is to treat the journey as a continuous learning project so that we and those around us are all working in the same direction.

I moved from New York City to the Canadian prairies and had to adjust to a new culture, a new work environment and new challenges.  I learned to adapt and stretch and shift my parameters. I successfully developed the resilience that later became the cornerstone of my capacity to work effectively with others.  While I came with vision and imagination, I had to grow my ability to think strategically. While I knew how to write and articulate ideas, I still had to learn how to turn that into the ability to effectively communicate, persuade, and build trust.

What I find most gratifying in coaching is to similarly bring new perspectives to help others to reframe and re-evaluate their path as I found mine.

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